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PS 313 Queens

Project Location: New York

PS 313 is a new school located in the Sunnyside neighborhood of Queens, New York. It is a 75,000 SF facility for kindergarteners through 5th graders, and will have a capacity of 432 students.

The site is a dense urban through-block lot surrounded by seven and five story brick residential buildings, along with some smaller single family residences. The facility will contain a gymatorium, cafeteria, kitchen, administrative and medical suites, 20 classrooms, art and science classroom and library. It will also have a roof top play yard and a separate early childhood play area.

The building configuration consists of a long rectangular block that contains the circulation, with stairs at each end and the elevators in the center, and two approximately equal blocks of classrooms space separated by an interior courtyard. The courtyard forms the roof of a lower level with the gymatorium and custodial spaces.

The building is composed of three colors of brick masonry and has a loggia entrance on 42nd Street. The central courtyard is articulated by a glass circulation component that allows light into the spine of the building and gives access to the early childhood play area.